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Environmental Remediation Services

MaxSource personnel are experienced and have completed a broad range  of environmental remediation projects including conventional soil excavation, hydro-excavation, media neutralization, In-situ biodegradation, sludge dewatering, lagoon/holding pond closure, landfill caps, solidification, carbon absorption, installation of slurry walls and free product recovery. Key personnel have a combined experience of over 40 years in remediation projects with service to Power Companies, Railroad Companies, General Manufacturing, Chemical Manufacturing and Regulatory Agencies as well asDefense Agencies . All remediation projects start with establishing a work zone and identifying areas of exclusion for non-essential personnel to maintain site control and safety of workers. During excavation activities run-off areas are identified and erosion controls measure established prior to any movement of earth. During equipment operation activities an exclusion zone is established at an area of 15’ from the furthest reach point of any extended equipment. Personnel entry are not authorized in this zone without making eye contact with the equipment operator and the operator stopping work and securing equipment movement.

Slurry removal utilizing drill method

Slurry removal utilizing drill method

On Location

This is a team member conducting pneumatic soil excavation. This method allows for  excavation of soil and other material without removal of existing infrastructure and minimizes the amount of  site disassembly required.