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Spill Response

MaxSource personnel are experienced with emergency spill response involving petroleum products, chemicals, gaseous materials and mitigation needs as a result of natural disasters; with many years performing response projects along power distribution lines, substations and generation plants. MaxSource has the expertise, certification and equipment knowledge to perform work along railroad properties, waterways and highway incidents. Our numerous project types include experience with power transformer failure, switching failure, train derailments, highway tanker roll-overs, and waterway barge/boat failures.

During an emergency spill response, the initial focus is to contain the spill material and mitigate run-off or spreading of the impacted area. After containment has been established, it is imperative to install secondary containment, which could include earthen dams, underflow dams or containment boom for waterway incidents.

MaxSource personnel thoroughly evaluate the impacted area to select the most effective manner of cleanup. For hardened surfaces this would include absorption with various media and material removal through excavation for earthen impact. Should bulk spilled material be present, pumps or other vacuum units would be utilized for removal and containerization of material. All material would then be properly containerized or staged for testing, profiling and final manifesting for disposal.

Diesel fuel containment

Diesel fuel containment